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My label is actually Elena Petrova. As the label of this web site mentions, I am actually a Russian female. I grew up in Russia, as well as devoted the large part of my life there certainly. I obtained married to a Westerner in 1998.

I have a professionals level in approach(earned a degree along withdistinction), and additionally a postgraduate learning in marketing and advertising. For a handful of years I functioned in business, after that as a copywriter for an ad division of a popular industrial plant employing over 4,500 folks. My final job before I left Russia was as a regional supervisor of a huge advertising company (among 22 regional workplaces), where I possessed 150 people benefiting me as well as fairly a comfy income. I had my own flat and also a cars and truck, so the reason why I chose to seek an other half abroad was not considering that I was actually determined or residing in poverty.

I lived in Ekaterinburg, among the biggest metropolitan areas in Russia, took a trip a whole lot, botharound the nations of the former Soviet Union (when I started to travel it was actually still a country; Soviet Union ended in 1991 plus all former 15 Soviet States ended up being independent countries) and also “far abroad”, how Russians phone the nations, whichwere certainly not a portion of the USSR. In my point of view, our company Russians are really different coming from the various other nations. Review it in the Russians part of the web page “About Russia”.

ThoughI have actually never had an issue withreceiving men’s focus, I was actually unable to find The Man Of My Dreams in my home. Why? I do not know, deep-seated inside I today presume it was just not suggested to become, I was actually indicated to move abroad as well as come to be an article writer and start a dating firm, as well as if I complied witha companion in Russia I understand this would certainly never take place!:-RRB- Well, it is actually kind of a prank however as the saying goes ‘every prank possesses a bit of laugh, the rest is the truth’ … Yet facts are actually facts and the simple facts are actually that althoughI really wished to obtain married and also possess a household, I failed to get wed in Russia.

This is why at the grow older of 29 I made a decision to broaden my perspectives as well as make an effort to try to find an individual abroad. Being single at 29 is actually more than merely a little unique for a learn more female. It was certainly not only weird, it looked questionable, and I seemed like a full fool eachtime I must answer the question “Have you got gotten married to?” (it implied: “finally …”) whenever I met my institution or university classmates. Review the Domesticity part, as well as you are going to possibly understand why.

You recognize, marrying a foreigner is one of the trendiest subjects in Russia. I assume, any type of solitary Russian female would certainly possess thought of it at least when in her lifestyle. This tip involved my mind a number of opportunities given that I was actually 26, and it took me just 3 years to start making it come to life. I will not overburden you withthe particulars, let’s only say that my hunt was actually quite productive. I received muchmore than 250 males’s letters coming from throughout the world, most from the U.S.A.. Honestly, I was astounded withthe number and quality of men that answered my advertisement, they were actually educated, fascinating, mature as well as actually intended to have a family members! WOW! This was sucha distinction along withRussian males, it was hard to believe! It almost appeared very excellent too be true! (This is actually perhaps exactly how you feel reading throughprofiles of Russian females)

Long story short, I satisfied my future husband rather quickly althoughit took our team twelve monthjust before our company complied withface to face as well as one more half a year prior to our company got wed. (Today it takes place a lot quicker, Skype and cheap worldwide calls rates help …) Pretty quickly I got expecting withour first youngster and also in yet another number of years our experts had our second.

I still keep in contact along withmy russian bride pals, as well as my prosperous story has motivated many of all of them to attempt the same way. My relative married a man coming from the USA, as well as my friends are connecting withAmericans, Australians and also Europeans.

The concept of partnerships between Western males as well as foreign ladies was actually interesting to me, and also is why I chose to design this web site. I would love to offer really unbiased relevant information concerning Russian girls, their aims, purposes, and also conceptions, and discuss their myths and also superstitions.

A while ago I was actually questioned throughCosmo, and the lady-reporter appeared to be mosting likely to compose a fully various story initially of our job interview. The news for the potential short article was actually “SouthAfrica’s mail order brides”. Appears a little unpleasant, doesn’t it? This was the very first time I had heard this phrase “mail order new brides”, as well as honestly, I was surprised!!! I possessed no tip this was actually the means Russian ladies looking for companions abroad were represented in western side media.

Nevertheless, it seemed like the lady-reporter transformed her mindset. The cover page to the genuine concern withthe article said “SouthAfrica’s Mail Order Romances”. A little bit better. As well as the post completed withwords “Welcome” as well as “Good luck” addressed to all our team Russian girls. (Thanks, Shantal.)

This was my initial confrontation withthe method Russian-western marital relationships appeared in the media. I searched the Net seeking the info, as well as was shocked muchmore. Along withso many resources using details about Russian women, there was valuable little bit of information that was not one-sided, or actively improper.

I found that there are two types of myths in Western side society relating to Russian women, positive and also unfavorable, bothare muchcoming from the fact. Even when there is actually a grain of truthin some of them, they are actually typically totally wrong about the main reasons for the phenomena. This is actually why I made a decision to develop my very own internet site, and also offer the point of view of a Russian girl who came throughthe process herself. Being actually a trained theorist, I tried to manage concerns considering all elements of my adventure, previous russian bride and newest Western, and see the whole picture rather than examining different parts of the problem, and making an effort to reason regarding the whole picture from this incredibly part. I hope it provides a far better understanding of Russian women and Russia in general.

Please keep in mind that the major components of this site, like web pages “About Russia”, “Russian Females Techniques” as well as “Myths And Truth”, were actually written long before I started my dating company, so please do not assume they are actually a common marketing hype. They share the ideas of a Russian woman on targets concerned, as well as not the concepts of a dating internet site owner. I later revised some facts that ended up being old (many thanks my guests for directing me out) however protected the importance.

So in the beginning this internet site was created as an informational source yet muchof my site visitors asked me if I could do this and that for all of them, whichis actually exactly how the suggestion regarding offering folks a solution came to my mind. Beginning withmotes like interpretations, russian bride s Cyber Quick guide started to supply different companies to people finding international relationships.

Since I would like to keep russian bride s Cyber Overview as an educational resource, the courting firm functions were actually unified as Elena’s Versions.

Articles concerning me and my agency were published in numerous Russian publications consisting of Cosmopolitan, Personal computer, Computers and also World Wide Web, Private Lifestyle, Krest’ yanka (preferred females’s journal) as well as dozens of others. I was welcomed for TV interviews in Russia and also SouthAfrica. I was additionally requested interviews by lots of newspapers and also journals – UNITED STATES, UK, Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, SouthAfrica, Finland … I have authored a publication in Russian, referred to as “101 tips exactly how to find an other half abroad.” I possess customers from around the world. (Click here for the checklist of countries).

My websites russian bride s Cyber Quick guide and Elena’s Designs are encouraged througha lot of resources on the Internet, including anti-scam web sites, and their recommendations are actually the greatest credit history to my job.

I am actually very proud to be among the women that managed to create their means into the World wide web company. When I left behind Russia I performed certainly not also understand what the Web was! Currently I have an international dating agency along withoffices in 5 nations – an aspiration come true!:-RRB-

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