My ASCAP Account. Often asked concerns

My ASCAP Account. Often asked concerns

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You could join ASCAP if you fail to have a legitimate United States Social protection quantity or aren’t A united states resident; but, extra earnings reporting documentation must certanly be supplied with the application. Please go directly to the IRS website ( to acquire A w8-ben form. Whenever the application has been completed by you please mail the original completed W8-BEN with your application quantity written on top to:

ASCAP Attn: Applications 7920 West Sunset Blvd. Third Floor La, CA 90046

Unfortuitously, we can not reveal telephone numbers for particular companies us to do so unless they have agreed to allow. The next companies have actually consented to let us offer their telephone numbers to potential or members that are current

AFTRA (United states Federation of television & Radio Artists): 212 532-0800 Harry Fox Agency: 212-834-0100 Songwriter’s Guild: 201-867-7603 Trademark workplace: 800-786-9199 U.S. Copyright workplace: 202-707-5959/877 476-0778 U.S. Library of Congress: 202-707-5000

A direct permit is any permit contract between an ASCAP user and a music individual (as an example, a radio section, television system, internet site, live location or vocals solution) giving an individual the liberties to do publicly the member’s music.

A supply permit is any permit contract between an ASCAP user as well as an entity that creates and provides programs containing your music (as an example, A television manufacturing business), granting the best to authorize other people (for instance, A tv section) to do publicly the user’s music.

You must promptly notify ASCAP of if you enter into a direct or source license:

  • The name regarding the ongoing work or works certified.
  • The writer(s) and publisher(s) of this work(s).
  • The address and name associated with licensee(s).
  • The period of time which is why the license will be in place.
  • The territories, venue and medium included in the permit.

To properly alert ASCAP of the direct or license that is source you need to complete and submit a questionnaire entitled “Notice of Direct/Source License. ” This type is present for submission and download through Member Access. Just join throughout your Member Access account, and also you will look at type into the group of “Earnings. ” You need to submit the finished type to ASCAP by logging into the Member Access account and connecting it to a note (Category – “Statement and Payment Questions, ” Topic – “Direct Licensing – Domestic”).

It’s also advisable to put on the Message a duplicate of this permit (economic terms — like the quantity of the permit charge — can be redacted).

You should think about looking for the advice of the music lawyer or company consultant before getting into a direct or source license.

Make an attempt to get just as much information possible about when and just how the songs shall be properly used therefore the permit terms to be had to other people. You may even need to gauge the need for your certain works or catalog towards the music individual’s company.

Remember while music users and program manufacturers may provide up-front, lump-sum re re payments, it may possibly be difficult to appreciate or predict the near future commercial success of your musical works.

There are often instances for which a direct or license that is source affect your capability to make royalties off their music users. For instance, if a television or movie producer acquires the performance liberties to your music with an irrevocable permit, or “buy-out” deal, you’ll not have the ability to get general public performance royalties whenever that demonstrate or movie comes or certified up to a downstream music individual, or shown or broadcast in a international territory.

ASCAP cannot respond to inquiries concerning re re re payments for direct or source performances that are licensed.

ASCAP cannot audit the songs program or user producer in your stead.

ASCAP cannot make within the distinction in performance royalties if the ASCAP royalties could have been higher than that which you received beneath the direct or source license.

Although ASCAP cannot help you about what terms you ought to look for in a direct or source license, ASCAP could possibly give you all about everything you might earn in ASCAP royalties when we had been to license those shows for you personally.

Nevertheless require assistance? Contact us.

(we are music individuals. We are good at listening. )

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General customers that are licensing Restaurants, Bars, universites and colleges, internet & Cellphone along with other clients should sign in right here.

Specific terrestrial radio that is commercial along with commercial radio section team owners should sign in right right right here.

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